Curious Nature of sex

Socialising sex

What are your sexual values? This week Stephanie and Nichi speak to sextech guru Cindy Gallop, founder of Make Love Not Porn ( Can we provide a counterpoint to mainstream pornography? How do we make it easier for people to talk about sex? Also, Hayley talks to Rosie about ‘limiting beliefs’ and some of the biggest myths around singledom. Enjoying the Curious Nature of Sex? Please do get in touch on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, or help us to reach more people by leaving us a review. You can also confess your sins at  Huge thanks to MysteryVibe for supporting the podcast. 

detonating the dating game

Feminist pickup and a fresh new take on love and relationships : This week on the podcast, Nichi Hodgson, Stephanie Alys and Hayley Quinn explore the evolving dating landscape. We'll also be introducing Rosie, our intrepid dater looking to improve her luck in love. 


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